#2 Tips to boost your LabCollector

Keep boosting your LabCollector

 Here are some interesting tips we have for you today:

New types of custom fields

New types of custom fields are now available with the updated interface in custom fields:
• NCBI autocomplete: to include terms/names from NCBI databases such as taxonomy, biosamples, gene and many others
YES/NO select list with the possibility to be a category field
Tracking link: to tracks shipments or to link information from another database based in a variable field
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Derived samples option action button

From Strains & Cells, samples, animals, chemical structures and custom modules records, you can directly create derived samples by clicking on 
A form will open to create a sample derived from the record you have selected. A new record is automatically created in the samples module with the name of origin field from the main record derived and a link tab appears on the record file to mention the link between those samples.

Choose your default fields and enable new functions as Multi owners!
LabCollector comes with default fields ready to be used. But, peharps in your lab some of those fields are not useful, you can now deactivate those fields. You also have NEW advanced options such as Multiple owners and Reagents Automatic Link to facilitate your daily use of LabCollector!