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Management is a difficult task, even more so when you are talking about a lab. There are many diverse tasks including: directing experiments, analyzing data, managing conflicts, writing papers/reports.  It is easy to find yourself also caught up in other administrative tasks, such as ordering reagents, managing your lab workflow so everything can run more smoothly.

In this article in Nature they reiterate the importance about time management, maintaining good organization, and communication in the lab to better collaborate and enhance productivity: “A well-functioning lab is a productive lab”.  And a key to being well-functioning is good organization and management of all aspects of the lab.

Although this seems obvious on paper, the daily routine of life in the lab can be different. Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • Were you or any members of your lab stuck for minutes of even hours trying to find the correct protocol, samples, reagents, or any product needed to run your analysis?
  • Someone in your lab needed to do an experiment only to discover on the day that a reagent is missing?
  • The reagent you have requested two weeks ago has not been ordered? But then discover that it was ordered, but someone has stored it in a different place!
  • Have you ever ordered the same reagent twice because members of the lab did not know where the previous one was?

If you said yes to any of the question above, it is time to think about implementing a lab management platform to support you in these daily tasks and to better keep track of your “lab wheels” to keep it rolling: enhancing your productivity while also reducing costs and most of all spend less time in these kinds of tasks!

LabCollector is an all-in-one lab management platform,  giving you the best quality/price ratio on the market.

How can LabCollector help in your lab management?

When we asked our clients how LabCollector has helped them, the most used words turn around team work: database, information, useful, team, laboratory:


For example a staff member that is using LabCollector, when looking for a primer, instead of chasing the lab manager to ask where it is, can go into the LabCollector inventory of his lab, type  the name of the primer and see the details of the record with the storage location.  That’s it! One simple search to find information and storage details.


You can also find the list of reagents with risk and safety information. With just one click you can place them in the order list. The lab manager or PI will get an alert that items are in the order list and can validate the purchase. The person in charge can edit the Purchase Orders directly in LabCollector or export the list to send to the proper department. When the ordered items arrive in your lab, you can mark them as delivered with the batch or lot number, expiration date and even print the barcode labels for your product if you want to. LabCollector provides a single place where you can centralize your invoices according to your P.O.s, follow up your budget and more! You keep track of everything from the beginning to the end, from purchase through use of your supplies in one system.


LabCollector provides a readily available inventory to anyone in your lab.  The information is searchable and easy to print or export.  You can now easily communicate and collaborate with your team, spending less time in routine tasks and spending more time on science!

Take you lab management to a new level. Tasks as simple as that, can be now handled smoothly.

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