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8th Symposium / AFEM 2017

(Francophone Association of Microbial Ecology) in Camaret sur Mer, France.

AT AFEM 2017 Anne-Laure Sauvadet, Head of Support & Consulting at LabCollector, gave a talk on “How to give laboratories safe and efficient scientific management tools”.

But first let’s explain what AFEM Colloquim is:

Microbiomes : from Natural Environments to Man

The purpose of this VIIIth AFEM Symposium is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, tools, approaches, analyses, results and theories between microbiologists interested in different microbiomes and different fields of research. (bacteria and / or archaea and / or micro-eukaryotes, and their associated viruses) and to initiate or strengthen collaborations. The topics covered are intended to be very broad and aim to better describe, understand, control and value the microbial communities of the biosphere, from a fundamental point of view but also applied. Subjects will be grouped into 5 half-day sessions, each one introduced by an expert lecturer. A round table discussion dedicated to the problems of culture will close this colloquium.

Environmental microbiology in the era of “omics”

The aim is to discuss recent results obtained by conventional approaches and new technologies, in particular the omics tools (metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, metaproteomics, metabolomics but also culturomics), applied at the atomic level, the molecule, the gene, the micro-organism, the communities or the ecosystem.”

You can find the article in French by following this link.

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