How the LCSB monitors temperatures and other sensors

Nicolas BonjeanNicolas Bonjean is the Lab Coordinator of  the LCSB                      (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine), affiliated to the University of Luxembourg.
The LCSB is accelerating biomedical research by closing the link between systems biology and medical research.
Collaboration between biologists, medical doctors, computer scientists, physicists and mathematicians is offering new
insights in complex systems like cells, organs, and organisms.
These insights are essential for understanding principal
mechanisms of disease pathogenesis and for developing new tools in diagnostics and therapy.
The LCSB has put in place a support group to enable the researchers to focus on their research.
All the logistics of about 250 researchers is organized by the Support biotech team using the Labcollector software.
A reagent to buy, an equipment to book, … everything runs smoothly in a few clicks.

Their research activities require to track all kind of sensors  such as temperature, humidity, pressure, gas, and light.
Monitoring all ULT freezers (-80°C) is essential for the biobanking activity of all research teams working at the LCSB. Nicolas Bonjean also decided to expand this monitoring to all bench freezers and special rooms.
The LCSB supply in CO2 is maintained by redundant bottles linked to an alarm switch.
All these sensors are totally integrated in LabCollector add-on: logger. The add-on receives all data from different hardware suppliers.

AgileBio provides an all-in-one solution with an easy plug-and-play AgileBio data logger and digital temperature sensors (-55°C/+125°C)A complete range of sensors are available. In complement to AgileBio hardware, the LCSB also has in place several wireless ULT sensors and switches from Rmoni.

Sensors monitoring

Sensors monitoring

Nicolas Bonjean and his team rely on our LabCollector add-on: Temperature logger for real time tracking and monitoring their freezers, rooms, storage, gas bottles… Water production is next!

Sensors monitoring

Sensors monitoring would not make sense without a real time alerting system. LabCollector provides this with a GSM box configured and fine-tuned to escalate alerts to several contacts depending on precise schedules.

LabCollector data/sensors logging has proved to be reliable and monitoring for the LCSB a variety of more than 200 sensors.




LabCollector ranked in SPECTRA ANALYSE Magazine n°307 among the BEST LIMS/ELN editors

LabCollector in the 15 best LIMS editors

LIMSIn third position regarding the number of client laboratories worldwide.
AgileBio team specificity comes from its scientific background,
and the capacity to understand the end-users, which results by a major part of their market in R&D, Biotechnologies, Pharmaceutical and cosmetics.
LabCollector-ELN combines a powerful LIMS, which optimizes samples traceability and sharing of resources, together with the electronic lab notebook, a centralized and structured way to annotate experiments.


AgileBio organize the first LabCollector LIMS Networking event in Lyon on the 9th of February 2016

LabCollector-event-LyonLabCollector team cordially  invite you to our first meeting and networking event around LabCollector LIMS implementation and features.

LabCollector is a customizable LIMS with 13 years of expertise in the LIMS implementation in laboratories and with over 600 client worldwide in a variety of sectors, going from academia, R&D, biotechs, biobanking to analysis laboratories.

During this 1st LabCollector Meeting, a series of short presentations will be done by our team Pierre Rodrigues – PhD Pasteur, Sarah Rodrigues Moreira – PhD CEA, Anne-Laure Sauvadet – PhD Paris 6) covering a range of solutions proposed by LabCollector.

Guest speakers will present how LabCollector have contributed to their data management. Dr. E. Durand will give the example of the implementation of LabCollector in a NGS laboratory, and Dr. C. Bouillon will present the successful implementation of LabCollector at the Luxembourg University.

Prelimary Program :

10h30 – 11h00 > Welcoming the participants

11h00 – 11h15 > Opening: AgileBio Introduction (Pierre Rodrigues)

11h15 – 11h45 > LabCollector usage and novelties (Sarah Rodrigues)

11h45 – 13h30 > Buffet

13h30 – 14h00 > Guest Speaker: Dr C. Bouillon (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine) : LabCollector at the scale of an Institute

14h00 – 14h45 > Traceability tools: ELN, Workflow et Lab Service Manager (AL Sauvadet)

15h00 – 15h30 > Guest Spearker Dr. E. Durand (Institut Biologique de Lille, IBL):  Next Generation Sequencing Plaftorm manage by LabCollector

15h30 – 16h00 > Q&A Session

16h00 – 17h00 > Networking time
For more information and to register for the event, check our page: