LIMS LabCollector Web Portal: Patient Pre-Registration

Today, communication is essential in all fields and professions. One of the greatest challenges of our time is to make communication simple, fast and to allow the exchange of information no matter where we are and what type of information we want to transmit. This challenge is also a reality for laboratories wishing to communicate directly, easily and above all securely with their clients but also with patients.

Client web portal by LabCollector

In order to solve the problems encountered by laboratories and their customers, LabCollector has created a web portal, LSMRemote, directly linked to the LabCollector LIMS. Through the LabCollector client portal, clients can access the required information in real time. In addition, the LSMRemote portal offers clients self-service for seamless access to sample data, test results, test reports and invoices. To take this a step further, the portal also offers a patient access to the portal to register their information, send a test request or simply retrieve their results. (see picture below)

All information is collected and directly linked to LabCollector and in particular to the LSM add-on. Thus, communication becomes fast, transparent and above all efficient! No more data entry errors or time wasted on purely administrative tasks!

How does the patient pre-registration work and what are the benefits?

When we want to take a test, blood sample, nasal swab, urine test or other, we must first pass the step of registering our information with the laboratory: name, first name, address, telephone, email, insurance etc. This step is long and not very pleasant for both the patient and the person in charge of registration. In times of pandemic, it is even more important to spend as little time as possible on site to avoid any risk of contamination.

This step can be greatly simplified with LabCollector’s web portal, LSMRemote. Indeed, it can be used by the laboratory itself, and also by the patient to pre-register his information.

1. Simplification of Data Collection

When the patient wishes to undergo a COVID test, for example, he will contact the sampling center directly or via their website, where he will be redirected to the patient web portal.

On this portal, a “Patient pre-registration” section is available. A form can here be fill in by the patient with all the information needed to build his case record: name, first name, address, email, telephone, insurance, etc.


All the information requested in the form can be personalized directly in the LabCollector LIMS and more specifically in the Patient custom module. Information is then transmitted to LabCollector via API (Application programming Interface)

This step is quick and allows the patient to give the information in a clear and precise way, avoiding mistakes at the collection center.

2. Easier Sample Collection

At the time of sample collection, the pre-registration of information will save considerable time when creating the job. Indeed, the physician using LSMRemote (client portal) will simply have to select the patient’s file by name and fill in only the information related to the test and the sample.

When the job is sent, labels are created and can be printed and stuck on the concerned samples. These barcodes are linked to the job and therefore to the patient.


Moreover, when the job is sending, a token is sent by email or by SMS directly to the patient. The laboratory using LabCollector can activate this option in LabCollector. The communication is therefore direct and transparent.

3. Enhanced Traceability 

Once the samples are received and analyzed with LabCollector and its add-ons (read our blog about LSM add-on), the results are validated by a validator which will then allow the creation of a result report linked to the case record. When this report is available on LabCollector, it is automatically made available on the portal, both on the client and the patient side.

The case record can be modified directly in LabCollector. All information, tests and reports are linked to this patient and allows a better traceability of the data.

4. Direct and Transparent Communication

No more calls and requests from patients to find out when the results will be available! It is now possible to inform the patient of the availability of the report directly when it is created on LSM and made available on the web portal.

It is thus possible to send an email or SMS notification of the availability of the report and the results for the patient.

Once informed of the availability of his report on the web portal, the patient can then retrieve his results using the token provided earlier by using the web portal.

Speed, simplicity and transparency!

These are the advantages of a web portal that can be used by patients, making the work of all medical and scientific staff much easier and more efficient. No more data entry errors, erroneous or missing information, everything can be managed directly online by the laboratory.

The client saves a considerable amount of time and can concentrate solely on the patient!

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