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It’s a competitive world with new technologies and advancements. Everyone is trying to be in their top game. So is AgileBio…..! We finally announce the launch of our LIMS solution LabCollector v6.0! Especially in the times of the pandemic that has struck us, LabCollector offers an effortless lab management experience. You can store your data, manage your experiments, perform tests (like COVID detection) and do much more with LabCollector LIMS software.

Lab inventory management

New LabCollector features

Version 6.0…What’s new?

Let it be a laptop, computer, or be software…Stylish is the new normal! We are happy to introduce our LabCollector v6.0 with a responsive interface and refashioned design and refreshed stylish look in over a decade. Are you a researcher? I bet you would love to see an attractive user interface on any software. LabCollector v6.0 for sure is now easy on the eyes!

Good things come to those who wait… and the wait was worth it!

What makes the new LabCollector v6.0 so special?

We all know the struggle of webpages not adjusting on different sizes of screens or mobile. The new trend is easy on the eyes….easy on the mind!

This is exactly what our new version 6.0 offers. A new revamped interface with responsive design makes LabCollector the ultimate LIMS for labs!

Let it be your laptop, computer or your phone LabCollecter v6.0 is now OMNIPRESENT with a revamped design and responsive screen. Responsive LabCollector design makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen size. its the need of the hour after all….LabCollector v6.0 is compatible with all types of screens.

What’s in it for you?

Just the NEW LOOK was not enough for us! We wanted to make sure that we make your experience with LabCollector more adaptive & memorable. Our teams have developed various new features that will allow LabCollector to adapt to your lab needs much more swiftly. You can now save your “searches” and memorize them & use it later. Moreover, so let’s look at the highlights of some new features.

Improved security

If you are a researcher from academia, pharmaceutical, or a biotech company, I am sure you are worried about your important files and folders being accessible to others. For exactly this reason LabCollector v6.0 now makes sure that no one can tamper with your documents or data anymore. You no more have to worry about your research data getting leaked. We provide reinforced security with:

  • PHP 7.x compatibility for accessing files & folders. Moreover, PHP configurations make LabCollector secure now more than ever.
  • A strong password is one of the goals for security and avoids data breaches. LabCollector now uses strong password rules (legacy, SHA, SHA 256+).
  • Who doesn’t want to be more efficient in their work! But with all the applications one uses its tiring to remember all passwords! This is where the Single Sign On (SSO) function comes as our savior. It simply means login in your computer and you automatically log in to your computer and you are automatically logged in in all the applications you use. LabCollector now offers more configurable options with SSO that improves security, reduces password fatigue, and enhances identity protection.
  • Do you fear losing all your data? After all, computers or mobile are not invincible! All that hard work and research just erased if your computer hard disk is corrupted. Not to worry anymore, LabCollector now offers automatic data backup that backs up your data in a safe place where you can access it later.

Better Configuration

Do you like customizable configuration settings on your phone, computer, or laptop? As a researcher do you like organizing experiments or data the way you like? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t like to customize things according to their choices? Now imagine this freedom for configuration to organize your lab! With LabCollector v6.0 you can:

  • Design your home page as per your choice.
  • Customize configuration according to each user (Superadmin/admin/users, etc)  in LabCollector.
  • Create custom modules for data inventory.
  • Reorder the fields inside the modules.
  • Activate or deactivate custom field types for any module.
  • Search easily with advanced options.
  • Import existing data with ease.
  • Prepare reagent recipes (for e.g. buffers) with traceable consumption of reagents.

New User & Groups features

Do you have different teams in the lab working on different projects? Don’t you want the choice for different permissions levels for different groups in the lab? User settings are now made better and feasible in the new LabCollector v6.0.

  • It allows you to choose the logic of permissions between different groups.
  • You can now import users (including LDAP users) easily using CSV.
  • Lab users can now have a badge employee ID with the help of LabCollector.

Easy Purchase order Management

Do you want to purchase new reagents for your lab? Are you tired of the long purchase processes? Not to worry! LabCollector helps you to create purchase orders and buy reagents/supplies very easily. The purchase order management in LabCollector v6.0 offers you many new exciting features:

  • Improved risks & safety setup for hazardous chemicals and their approval before purchase.
  • Creation of quotes and linking them to orders.
  • Creation of barcodes of your choice for ‘lots’.
  • Derivation/Movement of “lot” for more than one unit which was not possible in the previous version.

Lab Automation & New add-ons/utilities

File from lab instruments is often not easy to interpret. Therefore connecting lab instruments to LabCollector offers lab automation thereby also decreasing human errors. You can connect your lab instruments to LabCollector with a help of add-ons and middleware that helps interpret the complex result files from instruments and integrates them in LabCollector.

  • Lab instruments can be connected using our middleware I-Collector. (*read more on our blog about I-Collector).
  • Our add-ons like Win2Parsertube sorter, etc help in parsing complex instrument files into a simple format like CSV.
  • ‘Order manager’ is a new add-on by LabCollector that help you keep a track of all your lab orders for reagents and supplies.
  • We often upload files in LIMS LabCollector. However, in any LIMS software, we can rarely edit the files. LabCollector offers its new utility called Fileconnector where you can edit a file in realtime. (*read more on our blog about file connector).

Effortless Storage Organization

Are your reagent stocks running low? Not sure which reagent quantity has reached its minimum or maximum level? Every lab uses 1000’s of reagents and supplies and keeping track of their usage is not an easy task to achieve. Nothing to fear when LabCollector is here. LabCollector v6.0 allows you to have top-notch storage management. You can now:-

  • Manage more easily the storage for reagents & supplies.
  • Set alerts for Minimum & maximum quantity of reagents and supplies that are being used up.
  • Create alerts for tubes (cells, primers, plasmids, etc) reaching minimum quantity as well as the expiration date.
  • Minimize the risk of tubes getting contaminated due to continuous thaw and freeze cycles? v6.0 now allows the display of the number of thaw cycles performed on the tubes. So after a certain amount of thaw cycles you can discard the tubes and minimize contamination and delay in your experiments.
  • Display of vials storage location & the total stock of straws & tubes is now available with LabCollector v6.0.

New LabCollector v6.0

LabCollector v6.0 features
These are just some of the new features that you get with LabCollector v6.0. Above all this, we are launching various other new and exciting elements. So stay tuned to LabCollector for more news.

Try our LabCollector v6.0 today!

To help set up LabCollector v6.0 please refer to our Manuals and our Knowledgebase. Find out more about changelog of LabCollector here.

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