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You are a paper lover and like to write down important information on a piece of paper but then you have to transcribe it to your ELN … You would like to take pictures of your experiments to illustrate your results without having to use your smartphone in your lab, plug it into your computer, transfer the picture to it and add it to your ELN …
With LabCollector ELNDocSend App we have found the perfect solution! Our version 3.0 allows you to take a picture of anything you want, to enhance it and to send it with one click directly to your LabCollector ELN. Read on to find out more about our complementary ELN app, ELNDocSend!

What is ELNDocSend App?

ELNDocSend App allows you to send your paper annotations, notebook pages or other pictures directly to LabCollector Electronic Lab Notebook in a few clicks. With this app you can simply take photos, edit them, take notes and send them to ELN add-on. A lot of options are available with the version 3.0.

Make everything digital in few steps

Connect your app

You can find the application directly on the Google Play Store by typing “labcollector”. You will find all the applications developed and usable with LabCollector LIMS (view our catalog). Select and install ELNDocSend.

The application must then be connected to the ELN LabCollector. To do this, you need to configure the LabCollector API. Everything can be done very easily thanks to our step by step guide.

Step 1: Take a picture

Take a picture with the camera of your mobile phone or with a PDA in one click. The ELNDocSend v3.0 application is directly connected to the camera app of your phone, allowing you to access all its innate features.

LabCollector ELNDocSend mobile app Step 1: take a picture
STEP 1: Take a picture with the camera app of your phone

Step 1: Edit the picture

The application connects to all your editing applications on your phone. If you have for example Google Photos, the application will propose you to edit your image directly in this application. Multiple features are then available: crop, adjust brightness, contrast, blur… the catalog of filters can also be used!

LabCollector ELNDocSend mobile app Step 2: edit a picture
STEP 2: Edit your photos with additionnal application

Step 3 & 4: Scan & Send to ELN

Send the photos in a few clicks! Choose the book, the experiment and finally the page where you want to send your document. You can do it manually or by scanning a simple QR Code present at the top of the page. Your document will be visible a few seconds after sending directly on the selected ELN page.

LabCollector ELNDocSend mobile app Step 3: scan a qr code or select a page manually
STEP 3: Scan a QR code to select a page and quickly upload your photos
LabCollector ELNDocSend mobile app Step 4: send the picture to ELN add-on
STEP 4: Send your photo in one click as fatured image or in content block

You want more?

The ELNDocSend application allows you to send not only pictures but also TEXT NOTES! Type the notes with your phone keypad and send them to the page you want. These notes will appear directly in the “Content” section of your page.

Stop losing time, make everything digital!

You like paper notes and having illustrations of your experiments in your ELN but it’s often a considerable waste of time to add all this to your ELN. Thanks to the ease of use of the ELNDocSend application, everything is faster and easier. Update your Electronic Lab Notebook with old documents from paper lab notebooks, add your notes from an experiment without having to transcribe everything and add all pictures you want and need! Extend the possibilities, make everything digital!

ELNDocSend features overview

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