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LabCollector Stock Manager

A Complete solution for quickly managing your stock

Manage the stock of your items and update the status in your LabCollector.
Includes barcode scanner from mobile camera or embedded scanner (PDA).
Has modes IN, OUT or unit replacement. Easily and quickly send stock movement files, by email or file download. The app works offline.
Barcode reader decodes both 1D or 2D codes.

Barcode Scanner

Simple to use

Use of the app is very simple.
From the screen scan a barcode (uses your mobile’s camera).
Then enter the quantity of item and indicate if the item is moving into or out of storage.
There is also an option to replace the existing amount of a scanned item with a new quantity.
Before sending the list of stock changes the list may be reviewed and edited.
Then the csv file for updating your stocks can be saved to your mobile or sent by email so the file can easily be used to update your LabCollector inventories.

LabCollector Stock Manager

The LabCollector Stock Manager will allow you to scan barcoded items to easily track movements into and out of your stock.
After scanning items just connect to LabCollector and the inventory is updated in a a few clicks.
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