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What is ListMaker?

Professionals encounter various challenges when managing samples across different fields. For instance, agronomists may have difficulties with the task of scanning soil and crop samples in the field due to the lack of internet access or simply not having the appropriate scanning device, environmental scientists documenting water quality measurements outside of their lab…

Consider the complexities involved in biobanking within hospital settings and research centers, recording plankton samples by marine biologists out in the ocean… These diverse scenarios underscore the need for a solution that simplifies sample management and data capture.

Enter ListMaker App! A powerful tool designed to address these challenges head-on. With ListMaker, the tasks of scanning, listing, and syncing data with LabCollector are easy and straightforward, with a user-friendly interface that puts sample management right in the palm of your hand.

Researcher studies plants with a tablet standing in the greenhouse

Benefits of using ListMaker:

1. Custom Form Creation using ListMaker:

Imagine a hospital setting where clinicians need to collect patient demographics, sample types, and collection dates for various medical tests. With ListMaker, lab technicians can easily create personalized collection forms tailored to each patient’s specific needs. For instance, they can design forms to capture details such as patient name, age, medical history, and test requisition information, which allows for better data collection, accurate diagnostics and treatment planning.


2. Efficient Template Sharing via QR Codes:

Consider a scenario where a research institute creates a template for recording environmental data during field expeditions. By generating a unique QR code linked to this template through ListMaker, researchers can securely share it with collaborators stationed at different field sites. This will allow for standardized data collection across multiple locations.


3. Integration with Hospital Systems:

In a busy hospital environment, easy integration between data capture tools and existing systems is crucial for ensuring timely patient care. ListMaker’s integration capabilities allows hospitals and research institutions to synchronize custom forms with their laboratory management systems effortlessly. For instance, clinicians can scan QR codes provided by the laboratory to instantly replicate patient information forms on their mobile devices.


4. Data Entry via Label Scanning:

Picture a scenario in a clinical laboratory where healthcare professionals need to process a high volume of patient samples efficiently. ListMaker simplifies data entry by enabling technicians to scan sample labels directly from their mobile devices.

 5. Real-time Data Transmission to LabCollector:

In a research laboratory conducting time-sensitive experiments, the ability to transmit sample data in real-time to the central laboratory information management system (LIMS) is essential for maintaining data integrity and facilitating timely analysis. ListMaker easily integrates with LabCollector, ensuring that captured sample information is transmitted promptly to the database. For example, as field researchers collect samples and input data using ListMaker, the information is instantly synced with LabCollector, allowing laboratory personnel to monitor sample collection progress and initiate downstream analyses without delay.


6. Efficient Sample Management at the Lab:

Imagine a biobank managing a vast collection of biological specimens for research purposes. Upon sample arrival at the laboratory, technicians can use ListMaker to update sample status, record storage locations, and input additional metadata. This synchronized data flow ensures efficient tracking and management of specimens throughout their lifecycle, from collection to analysis, thereby enhancing research productivity and data traceability.

7. Promoting Collaborative Efforts:

In a collaborative research project involving multiple institutions or research teams, effective data sharing and collaboration are crucial for project success. ListMaker focuses on collaboration by enabling users to share custom templates and captured data with collaborators across different locations. For instance, scientists conducting field studies in remote areas can use ListMaker to collect and share data with their colleagues at the central laboratory in real-time.


8. Quality Assurance and Compliance:

Compliance with regulatory standards and quality assurance protocols is critical in regulated industries such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals. By leveraging ListMaker and LabCollector, organizations can ensure data accuracy, adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs), and compliance with regulatory requirements. For example, in a clinical trial setting, ListMaker facilitates accurate data capture and documentation of patient-related information, ensuring compliance with regulatory audits.


9. Versatile Applications and Flexibility:

The versatility and flexibility of ListMaker and LabCollector extend beyond sample management to support a wide range of laboratory functions and workflows. For instance, in a biotechnology company, ListMaker can be used to track reagent usage, monitor stock levels, and generate inventory reports in real-time. Moreover, the customizable form creation capabilities of ListMaker help users adapt their templates to suit specific research or operational requirements. Whether it’s remote sample collection, inventory management, or protocol documentation, ListMaker and LabCollector provide a scalable and adaptable solution to meet the evolving needs of modern laboratories and research facilities.

Main Steps with ListMaker:

1. Scanning Samples: With ListMaker, scanning samples has never been easier. Simply use your mobile device’s camera to scan sample labels.

2. List Creation: Once samples are scanned, ListMaker compiles the scanned data into organized lists. Users can customize list templates, add information, and categorize their samples.

3. Integration with LabCollector: ListMaker syncs with LabCollector, a powerful laboratory information management system (LIMS). This integration ensures that all sample data captured through ListMaker is transferred to LabCollector in an organized manner.

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