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A LabCollector day?!? Where? When?

In Paris, on the 13th of June 2017.

Who attended the event?

LabCollector fans (or simply users) and anyone interested in our solution working in academic institutes, biotech and pharma companies.

This year, we also invited two great speakers: Christian Siatka (CEO of Ecole de L’ADN in Nîmes and consultant for the European Commission) and David O’Callaghan (Director, INSERM U1047, Université de Montpellier).

Ecole de l’ADN, what’s that? Click here to see the Christian Siatka’s activity

And check out David O’Callaghan’s lab here! 

What about a third edition of the LabCollector?

Of course 🙂 Due to its growing success we are already planning to do a third workshop. Please, send us your feedback if you have any location preference! And stay connected… several new features of LabCollector will be released soon!

You want to see the LabCollector team?

A « Team » section on our website will be available soon. In the meantime, you can watch the video of the event and see us!

The LabCollector Community Team

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