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LabCollector has created, improved and changed many key features just for you in its version 5.3! Every week, we will discuss some of these changes and give you a few tips on how to become more comfortable using LabCollector v5.3.

This month let’s talk about the new Reagents & Supplies management!

Here’s a reminder of the changes that version 5.3 brought to Reagents & Supplies:
  • Reagents & Supplies module now has custom fields for the risks tab.
  • Risks tab fields can now be exported/printed in the Reagents & Supplies export/print.
  • Risks tab fields can now be used as filters.
  • Chemical lots: you can now upload a file/report and associate it with a specific lot.
  • Chemical lots now retain the original lot quantity.
  • Option to destroy chemical lots (only users with de-stock permissions can destroy lots).
For advice on how to import risk codes for reagents and supplies, go here!
For advice on how to associate a file to a chemical lot, destocking or destroying chemical lots follow this link!

Stay tuned for more tips!

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