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LabCollector now as MOBILE APP!

Organize your lab EVERYWHERE with the new Mobile LabCollector app.
LabCollector now accompanies you anywhere around the world.
No access to Laptop, computer?
No worries, we got you covered…… with our new LabCollector MOBILE APP.

LabCollector has launched the mobile app making lab management easier than ever.
In today’s times which gadget do you use the most? Your Laptop or computer or your mobile? What is the first thing that everybody in today’s tech-savvy world sees when they get up in the morning? or when they sleep at night? or when they are traveling? We all know the answer to these questions. The fact is that no matter how much laptops and computers have conquered the world today, Mobile is still the King of Gadgets! We all love to see news, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp & play games on our mobile using apps.

Nowadays, we have apps for entertainment, cooking, business, dating websites, shopping of course! etc. So we did not want to stay behind anymore & allow LabCollector users to be just confined to laptops or computers. We have launched the new LabCollector app that allows you to access LabCollector anywhere. Almost every pharmaceutical company and most of the academic labs are taking advantage of Laboratory Information management software (LIMS). With the ever-growing research, drug & medical discoveries, we now rely on proper lab management systems more than ever thus making LIMS the need of every R&D industry. We at AgileBio understand this and thus strive to make LabCollector-user experience swifter. Our Mobile app will allow every researcher to make access to our LIMS solution from anywhere.

What does our LabCollector Mobile app offer?

You can now connect to LabCollector v6.0 not only from your computer or laptop but also from your mobile. If you are a researcher then you know that you keep on working on your inventory, protocols or research all the time. Sometimes even on late nights or weekends. Let’s imagine if you use LIMS software, which can only be accessed via a browser? We all know how applications work when they are opened in a browser on our phones. The user interface is less interactive, the page adjustments are not proper, and a lot of other inconveniences. To explain better visualize yourself opening Facebook or WhatsApp on the browser rather than using an app. Not very user-friendly, right! To avoid all these issues we have launched the mobile app that allows you to have a user-friendly experience while managing your lab.

Easy Inventory management

As a researcher picture yourself near the -80°C fridge and you are doing inventory & counting remaining tubes or vials. Now, where are you writing this information? Are you writing in a notebook? or are you taking pictures?
After this, you go to your computer and then enter this data.
How much time did you lose?
All this is because you cannot carry your computer or laptop with you, everywhere in the institute.
Not to fear when our LabCollector app is here!
Lab collector mobile app makes lab inventory management accessible from anywhere. You can take your mobile in the lab storage or near the fridge or liquid nitrogen and record the storage information in real-time. This will save you the hassle & time of recording inventory many times.

Barcode generation

Just visualise yourself picking up a vial of let’s say a reagent or a frozen cell line or a bacterial culture, for which you are searching a piece of specific information. You need this information in a research paper or to see if the vial is still in use or is expired or to be disposed of. How can one write all this information on tiny vials? Even if you do, the handwriting is sometimes unrecognizable or the data is smudged off, leaving you questioning if you should or should not use the vial. Don’t worry, we save you from all this drama. LabCollector allows you to generate and stick barcodes for each vial that you make. So now picture yourself again in a storage room removing a vial that contains a barcode, all you have to do is scan the barcode into an active field and you will have all the required information about it. So all you do is go, remove vial and scan…Voila! you have your information. All this is made true by LabCollector and made much more manageable by our new mobile app.

Other LabCollector Mobile Apps

The lab collector app is new but we have also previously released apps that make your lab management effortless.

Check out all LabCollector Mobile apps today!

To help set up LabCollector v6.0 please refer to our Manuals and our Knowledgebase.

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