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Stability studies are used in a wide range of industries, from chemicals and paints to food and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or reagents. The purpose is to ensure that these products always work as intended and are safe to use.
As such, these stability studies play the role of quality assurance to confirm regulatory requirements and consumer confidence in the product being tested. In a world where imitation and/or inferior products often masquerade as original products, it is not surprising that increased regulation and quality control continue to drive the growth of the stability testing industry.

To facilitate the implementation of stability testing in all areas, LabCollector has developed the Stability Tests add-on. This add-on allows for an efficient management of the test schedule as well as a quick link to other add-ons such as: Data Logger, Event Calendar or Lab Service Manager. Discover how to manage all your stability studies with LabCollector LIMS!

Stability Tests add-on

What is a Stability Test?

Stability testing is a process for determining, through storage under defined conditions and testing at specific intervals, how long a drug substance or product remains safe and effective under specific storage conditions. Specifically, stability testing is used to determine the shelf life of products.
For example, stability testing can determine whether the quality of a substance or product is altered over time by various environmental factors, such as light, temperature, humidity or pressure.

Why use Stability Tests add-on?

Create a plan

During a stability study with LabCollector LIMS, a plan is created to schedule the number of tests to be performed over a given period of time, on what day and at what time. With Stability Tests, this planning step is quick and easy. With just a few clicks, it is possible to define the schedule precisely: start date, end date, number of cycles, frequency, time.
This information is then recorded to be displayed on the Event Calendar add-on.

During the creation of a plan, other information parameters can be added such as :

  • The name of the test
  • The name of the tested product
  • A description (if needed)
  • Test conditions and the module in which the sample information is stored (base module or custom module)
  • The owner of the test and the associated collaborators
Create a plan – Stability Tests add-on

Simply organize your tests

After defining the schedule, it is visible directly on the add-on. However another function is possible. Thanks to the integration of the Event Calendar add-on, you can create a specific calendar for each project and visualize the tests to be performed directly from this add-on alongside your other planned appointments.
This feature brings more clarity on the tasks to be done in the short or medium term and gain in efficiency.

Stability Tests Integrated Calendar

Monitor your environmental data

You may need environmental data in order to quickly see for each plan if the temperature or humidity of the products is still correct. For this purpose, LabCollector has integrated the Data Logger add-on directly into Sensors Tracking. When creating a plan, you can select a sensor from your product’s storage and view the readings directly in the add-on.
All data is available in one place!

Data Logger Integration – Sensors Monitoring

Request a test with one click

Do you want to run the test and follow a specific protocol for each test? All this is simple and easy to manage directly from the Stability Tests add-on. Once you have created your plan, simply run the plan, then send the test request directly to Lab Service Manager add-on. You will be able to manage the test and workflow for each test/plan.

LSM Integration with Stability Tests

Create, manage, visualize & run your stability study!

Simplify the execution of these tests and save time simply by using the Stability Tests add-on! See your schedule at a glance, integrate other add-ons for even more functionality and more! Discover the Stability Test add-on now and manage your stability study with LabCollector LIMS!

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