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LabCollector has recently released its newest version 6.12, and we’re excited to share the details with our readers. LabCollector is a comprehensive software solution that helps researchers and labs to manage their data, samples, and workflows. The latest version of LabCollector v6.12 includes many new features and improvements that make it even more secure, user-friendly and efficient. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the new version and highlight the benefits that users can expect to experience.

What to expect?

The new version of LabCollector is packed with a range of new features and improvements that aim to enhance the user experience and increase security.

Let’s go over some of the changes:

➡️ Security Improvements

We know how important it is to keep your data secure, and that’s why we’ve made some significant security improvements in this update. We’ve added some new features to ensure that your data is always safe and to make sure of it we won’t announce any details, but you can always see a changelog.

➡️ Barcode Printing

For this part, we’ve improved the printing of the 1d barcode as the box name and added a barcode height multiplier for easier scanning.

➡️ Lot and Maintenance

Here more changes were done with this update:

  • With compliance active, modification in lot and maintenance require a reason now.
  • We’ve also added icon validation in Reagents & Supplies to make sure that your data is up-to-date and secure.
  • We’ve also added release and dispose lots user preferences in Preferences → Reagents & Supplies, which should make it easier to manage your inventory.
  • We’ve changed the sort order of maintenance alerts to be sorted by time, which should make it easier to prioritize your tasks.

➡️ Chemical Structure

We’ve also updated molEdit to add a keyboard shortcut which will help to remove highlighted bonds and to get improvements in inChi Key.

➡️ API

Swagger for POST endpoint addBox

➡️ Other

Additionally, we’ve added math functions in the calculated field, which gives you more control and flexibility in your data analysis.
Finally, we’ve improved the custom filter select dropdowns and equipment category dropdowns by showing field color.
We’ve changed the LabCollector user login to make the username case insensitive.

How to upgrade?

If you’re already a LabCollector user and want to upgrade to the latest version, the process is simple. You can download the latest version from the LabCollector Client Area and follow the installation instructions. If you have LabCollector Server Manager, your process of updating is even quicker, since you can just update there directly.

Before upgrading, it’s important to back up your data to ensure that none of your important information is lost during the upgrade process. Once you’ve completed the upgrade, take some time to explore the new features and functionality.


The latest version of LabCollector is a major upgrade that brings a range of new features and improvements to the table. Users can expect to experience more efficient and streamlined work that makes managing data and samples easier than ever before. With improved barcode generation, support for multi-select and checkbox, and enhancements to the user experience and compliance features, lab staff can spend less time managing data and more time doing what they do best: conducting research and making discoveries.

If you’re a LabCollector user, we highly recommend upgrading to the latest version to take advantage of all the new features and benefits. With its user-friendly interface and powerful functionality, LabCollector continues to be an essential tool for researchers and labs around the world.

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