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Why build your “team”?

You can now build your team of LabCollector users in the Client Area. If you want to know more about the Client Area account please read more here.

All the members of LabCollector in your lab will have access to your LabCollector Client Area. The first benefit of that is to increase awareness of LabCollector, having all users onboard increases the commitment to an organized lab.

Users will be able to manage the license if needed, download add-ons etc. In this way there’s no need for one supervisor to do all the work or to give their confidential account credentials to anyone else.

Also, if any of your team members contacts us for support we will know that they are connected to your account and so we can help them more efficiently.

Many more services and features will be regularly added to the Client Area account to better serve all your lab members.

>>Create your team NOW!>>

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