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The search for perfection is an almost unattainable goal. However, when you are looking for a tool to optimize your performance and reach your KPIs, near perfection is necessary, even essential.

However, each company, laboratory or institute is different, which means different needs. So how do you choose the right LIMS that will perfectly fit your needs? The solution lies in customization!

In order to allow a customization to each laboratory’s needs, LabCollector has set up the “Custom Module” and “Custom Fields” features. This type of module can be created from scratch by the user.

Discover how to create a custom module for the career follow-up of your teams!

What is a Custom Module?

A module allows the recording of data in a fast and always identical way. All 13 basic modules are preconfigured with a predefined form containing the necessary information for each module. However, in order to better adapt to the needs of laboratories, LabCollector includes the possibility to add custom fields.

These custom fields can be used in the basic modules but also and especially in the custom modules. They are the basis of the custom modules for the creation of forms.

Find out more about custom modules and custom fields in our Knowledge Base:

How does a module generally looks like?
Create a custom module
Create a custom field

Creating a custom module is quick and easy. Create a module in few clicks:

Create a custom module.

Manage Competencies of the Laboratory Staff

Managing training and competency records of laboratory personnel is an important requirement of ISO/IEC 17025:2017, an international standard that specifies the general requirements especially for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories around the world. This module allows you to add and track completed competency assessments, past certifications or career tracking of your laboratory staff.

Step 1: Change the default fields

You can reorder, enable/disable, or rename a default field.

Change the default fields of a module/custom module
Simply change the order, name and settings of a default field. You can also add a mask to a default field as a prefix, default texte or a dynamic mask.

Step 2: Add custom fields and create your custom module’s form

Many field types are available to offer a wide range of customization options. New fields are added regularly as LabCollector is updated. You can add custom fields to basic module or create a complete form for a custom module.
Read our Knowledge Base: Custom fields types

Add a custom field and create a complete form that meets your needs.

Step 3: Track everything with the registry book

The registry book allows you to fill in all the activities that have taken place. You can add this option after the creation of the module by editing it.

Here we use the registry book to fill in the important points for each staff member on the career follow-up.

In this case, the principle is the same as before. You just have to add the desired fields. However, for some fields it is necessary to add predefined values. These values will be displayed when the field is filled in.

Add specific values for one custom field.

Enjoy your custom module

Your module is ready to use! You can now track the career development of your employees by adding each staff member and their career information like this:

Create a new record with the created form.
Add a log entry in the registry book.

Be creative with your LabCollector LIMS

All type of laboratory can use our LIMS solution. Our solution is complete and scalable. However, if you have a more specific need, the custom modules are there to help you. Create what you need! For more specific help, don’t hesitate to contact us, our team of experts will help you!

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