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Mobile Apps in Google Play that will boost your lab

In today’s fast-paced world, technology has become an indispensable part of every industry, and laboratories are no exception. With the advent of mobile applications, managing lab operations has become more convenient and efficient than ever before. LabCollector offers a range of mobile apps that will revolutionize your lab. In this blog, we will explore how these mobile apps from LabCollector can enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your lab.

Lab Inventory Management

Keeping track of lab supplies and inventory is crucial for smooth operations. LabCollector’s mobile apps allow lab personnel to easily manage inventory on the go. With these apps, you can quickly update the inventory, check item availability, receive notifications when stocks run low and much more. This feature ensures that your lab always has the necessary supplies, preventing delays and enhancing productivity.

Sample Tracking and Management

Tracking samples accurately is vital in any laboratory setting. LabCollector’s mobile apps simplify sample management by enabling researchers to scan barcodes or QR codes associated with samples, record relevant data, and access sample information in real-time. This functionality reduces human errors, enhances traceability, and improves the overall efficiency of sample tracking processes.

Experiment Tracking and Documentation

Lab experiments often involve multiple stages and require meticulous documentation. The LabCollector mobile apps streamline the experiment tracking and documentation process. Researchers can record experiment details, capture and attach images, and make observations directly from their mobile devices. This real-time data entry ensures that no information is lost or forgotten, and allows for immediate collaboration with colleagues, even when they are not physically present in the lab.

Collaboration and Communication

Efficient communication and collaboration are essential for a successful laboratory environment. LabCollector’s mobile apps enable seamless communication between lab members, regardless of their location. Researchers can send messages, share files, and discuss projects, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Moreover, these apps allow for quick access to shared resources, protocols, and experimental data, promoting effective teamwork.

Remote Access and Monitoring

In today’s world, flexibility and remote access have become more important than ever. LabCollector’s mobile apps empower researchers to access lab data and perform essential tasks remotely. Whether you need to review experiment results, check instrument status, or receive real-time notifications, the app ensures that you stay connected with your lab, even when you are away. This functionality is particularly beneficial for researchers who work across multiple locations or need to monitor experiments during non-working hours.

Mobile Apps available

Mobile apps facilitate the daily use of LabCollector, you can take advantage of our existing apps for FREE. Download them from Google Play by scanning the following QR code:

LabCollector App is not just a browser but also includes unique native features to make LabCollector more powerful on your phone. It can scan all barcode types into any active field. Automatic login with the highly secured system is some of the other features. This App is compatible with LabCollector v6.0+

Lab Service Manager (LSM) App brings a mobile experience to your LabCollector LSM solution. A growing native set of features will assist your lab staff to quickly scan 1D or 2D barcodes, find tubes and perform check-in actions to fully receive and accept test orders. Requires the latest version of LabCollector LSM and API. Try it out!

Link your paper annotations or lab notebook pages to your ELN. ELNDocSend provides a quick document scanner and HTML editor service to be used by our LabCollector ELN community. It easily sends pages of notebooks to their dedicated note pages in their ELN. Each page in ELN can receive one document scan/photo.
The app features a crop/rotation edition before publishing in ELN. Each user will configure their ELNDocSend app with the LabCollector API token and user ID to send to their own pages.

TubeScan App allows you to scan tube barcodes in your LabCollector and get details. This app will connect to your LabCollector via API. It works with both 1D and 2D barcodes (internal barcodes, precoded tubes, aliquots…) and gets details for samples. It also allows you to destock tubes/vials or to remove volume. Barcode lists can also be generated in a CSV file and sent by email. The app requires a working LabCollector instance with an API web service configured. TubeScan works best with LabCollector v6.0+

Equipment Scheduler App is connected to the scheduler add-on and provides quick views and management of your equipment reservations. Using this app, you see future and past reservations and perform a check-in and check-out when needed. It also includes notifications/reminders for each required action.
This app also includes unique native features such as scanning barcodes of equipment, automatic login with biometrics & much more.

Stock Manager App is a complete solution for quickly managing your stock. Manage the stock of your items and update your LabCollector. Includes barcode scanner from mobile camera or embedded scanner (PDA). Has modes IN, OUT or unit replacement. Send stock movement files, compatible with LabCollector, by email or file download. Works offline too! Barcode reader decodes both 1D and 2D codes.
Before sending the list of stock changes the list may be reviewed and edited.

Central Store Manager App provides quick views and management of your orders. Using this app, you see the pickup list and delivery list and perform the pickup and delivery all using barcodes as needed. This app also includes unique native features such as scanning barcodes and automatic login with biometrics.

ListMaker App provides a quick generic list-making service to be used by our LabCollector. It easily can create a template with multiple column types including text, number, barcode, location and date. Data entry is really fast and simple in this application, you can send the file via Email. ListMaker provides a user-friendly interface for easy and fast data entry and allows you to define unlimited templates for creating list forms. Data formats are completely compatible with LabCollector & the results can be shared by email.


LabCollector’s mobile apps have transformed the way laboratories operate, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration. With features like inventory management, sample tracking, experiment documentation, collaboration tools and remote access, these apps empower researchers to manage lab operations effectively. By integrating LabCollector’s mobile apps into your laboratory you can streamline processes, reduce errors and maximize productivity. Embracing mobile technology in the lab has become essential for staying competitive and ensuring smooth operations in today’s fast-paced scientific landscape.

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