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LabCollector has created, improved and changed many key features just for you in its version 5.31! Every month, we discuss some of these changes and give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your LabCollector.

This month – To Delete or not to delete

Some of you may have noticed in your LabCollector that sometimes the deletion function is not available. This is because record deletion is not possible if a record has been modified a few times already or if it has storage or links associated with it.

Most of the time, people delete records because they were actually just trying out functions and adding test records. One way to overcome this issue, is to install the free version of LabCollector (in addition to your main LabCollector) in order to test new features before using them on your main LabCollector (production environment). In this way you can keep your LabCollector clean and tidy!

For more information on deletion and archival functions check out our Knowledge Base article.

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