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Data reproducibility is one of the most important aspects of any research. If you are a drug discovery unit, data integrity & regulatory compliance are of utmost importance. Paper Lab notebooks can only help you with the data reproducibility & integrity to an extent.

Imagine you are a researcher and most of the time you work on a project that was the continuation of the previous one. For this, you refer to the lab notebooks of previous students in order to reproduce certain experiments. I bet, many of you have come across various issues when dealing with the old lab notebooks. How much time does it take you to find the right experiment? Do you find the complete information in the lab notebooks? What is the storage location of the samples? How were the reagents prepared? Let’s say you are a Principal Investigator (PI) and you are trying to publish a paper with results from a student who have left the institute. How much time does it take to find the results? How long does it take for you to leaf through endless pages to find that one image/information for results? Even though after hours/days of searching let’s say you find the results and now you are looking for material and methods. So now you have to find where the reagents came from? where were did the samples came from their location, the antibodies used? and much more information!!! Sometimes the writing is smudged because some liquid splashed on it during a certain experiment. Also, you do not know where the raw data/images are kept. Today’s lab notebook contains some information and the rest is stored somewhere in the computer in bits and pieces!

So publishing a single paper or just trying to repeat a simple experiment from the past becomes a laborious task! Finding information becomes time-consuming, reducing the productivity of the research. All the hard work done in the past & the scientific knowledge with it becomes incoherent. These issues make the data reproducibility, integrity a tough thing to achieve. Even though using paper lab notebooks have been the norm of the past, today they pose a lot of hurdles due to deterioration with time.

This is why LabCollector has developed Electronic Notebook (ELN) to provide you with versatility and at the same time precision, in recording your experiments. You can not only save paper, time and energy but also increase work productivity. All-in-one management ELN brings your entire lab in one place in an organized manner. You can link your reagent recipes, samples, the storage location of samples and reagents, any documents (e.g. Scientific papers, protocols, etc.), information regarding plasmids, antibodies, chemical structures, animals, sequences, equipment, cells & uploading/storing images along with your protocols. ELN today not only makes your research ergonomic but also environment-friendly by saving paper.

Now, let’s revisit the previous scenario with LabCollector ELN. Say you are a PI or a researcher and you are trying to replicate some results or find results, experiments & raw data from previously performed experiments. All you have to do is type in the search box and all the information related to the typed word will appear in front of you.

Moreover, you will see that:

  • Books for each project are organized consisting of respective experiments
  • All the protocols steps are organized and have recognizable handwriting
  • Sample information is linked, so you know where the sample came from & its storage location
  • The reagents recipes are linked in the protocol along with the storage location
  • Images of results obtained with the exact location where the images are stored
  • All information, raw data, results, everything is in one place!!

 Imagine how much time you save if was everything was organized in the above-said way. All this and much more is made realistic by our LabCollector ELN. Check out how LabCollector ELN works!!!

The diversity of the functions in LabCollector ELN makes it apt for any type of research. Let it be academic, drug discovery research or a medical device research LabCollector provides you with all-in-one management ELN.

With LabCollector ELN you can go paperless &:

  • Link records to the protocols (link samples, reagents, storage locations, documents, primers, etc.)
  • Write protocols using a rich text editor
  • Draw chemistry molecules effortlessly using Molecules and Reactions editor
  • Upload & store photos easily
  • Choose what you need to print & save paper
  • Make work easier by using templates
  • Collaborate & work as a team with easy data exchange 
  • Assistance in complying with the regulatory bodies (FDA, ISO.., HIPAA, etc) by electronic signatures, witnessing, validations, timestamps, versioning & login ID security.
  • Save your work efficiently by synchronized data backup
  • Measure productivity & increase efficiency by using Time sheets


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