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Efficiency is an important attribute both in our private and professional lives. And this is even more true in laboratories and collection centers in these times of pandemic where the influx of patients wishing to be tested is increasing. Nearly 2 million patients are tested daily in the U.S., one can only imagine the number of people passing through the collection centers and the number of tests to be performed in the laboratories.

To advance in efficiency allow greater productivity in a shorter amount of time can be achieved through a COVID-LIMS and more specifically through a web portal that connects collection centers and analysis laboratories.

Client web portal by LabCollector

To minimize turnaround time so that those who test positive can isolate themselves and stop the spread of Covid-19, AgileBio deployed LabCollector COVID-LSMRemote, a full featured client web portal to manage large volumes of incoming COVID tests. LSMRemote portal offers patient access to register their information, send a test request or simply retrieve their results. (see picture below) Clients can access the required information in real time. To take this a step further, the portal also offers the customers self-service for seamless access to sample data, test results, test reports and invoices.

All information is collected and directly linked to LabCollector and in particular to the LSM add-on. Thus, communication becomes fast, transparent and above all efficient! No more data entry errors or time wasted on purely administrative tasks!

How does the job pre-registration work and what are the benefits?

Every day it is a new adventure to manage the influx of patients coming for testing. Before taking the sample, we are often asked for additional information, more or less precise, such as name, first name, symptoms, insurance, contact with COVID positive people, etc. This step takes a lot of time and does not facilitate the rapid passage of patients to the collection center. Thanks to the LabCollector web portal and the Job Pre-Registration part, the registration of information can be greatly simplified and giving patients a secure and convenient way of asserting their health credentials.

1. Simplified way of collecting patient & job information 

When taking a test, the patient can go to the collection center’s website and be redirected to the patient portal. On this portal, a “Job Pre-Registration” section is available and allows the patient to fill in all the information required for the record.

A form to be filled out is made available to the patient with two distinct parts: personal information (Patient pre-registration) and information related to the test (Job pre-registration) to be performed and complementary to the patient’s medical file.

When filling out the form, the patient must select the location where he or she wishes to have the test performed. This allows the collection center to receive only the test requests concerning them and also the analysis laboratory to have a precise idea of the client sending the test.


A new option is also available to access an appointment scheduling to select the day and time the patient wants to make an appointment when necessary, for the collection center. This new option is due to the integration of Acuity Scheduling system with LabCollector. For added security, a new option is available that allows the patient to electronically sign their record. (see pictures below)

Visit our Integration page to learn more about all possible solutions with your LabCollector.

If a patient has already been registered, they can now go to the Existing category and simply enter their ID number (found directly on the old results reports). An email will then be sent with a confirmation code. This code can be entered to validate the entry of a new job.

After completing the form and validating the submission, a QR Code is sent to the patient by email. This QR Code allows at the time of the collection of samples, to facilitate the research of the case record.


This step is quick for the patient and saves a considerable amount of time on the construction of his record.

2. A simple QR code to simplify sample collection

When the patient comes to the collection center (client) to collect samples, the job is already pre-registered on the client portal with a new status “pre-order“.



Thus, when the patient comes in, he simply has to present the QR Code and the related record will be automatically retrieved. The job will then open and allow the health technician to fill in the information about the samples taken and the test(s) to be performed. (see picture below)

When sending the job via the portal to the analysis laboratory, the Chain of Custody (CoC) report is created and can be downloaded. In addition, barcodes are also generated and printable to make it easier to track the samples throughout the test chain.

When the job is validated, a token (unique number) is sent by email to the patient. This token is also visible to the client on the CoC, allowing the patient to retrieve his results report when it is made available.

3. Efficient analysis management with LabCollector

When the job is created by the patient, it becomes visible on the LabCollector LIMS of the laboratory, in particular on the Lab Service Manager add-on. Once the job is updated by the collection center, the job becomes Quoted and accepted for analysis. 

The possibility to see the pre-ordered jobs allows the laboratory to organize itself and avoid a potential overload of work over a certain period.

Samples can be received with the Sample Receiving add-on. The analyses are then carried out in the laboratory by efficiently managing laboratory data, and automating laboratory workflows, with the support of LabCollector and all necessary add-ons: Workflow, LSM, ELN etc.

The results are validated following regulatory compliance, by a validator before the reports are made available to clients and patients.

4. Less administrative work and quick communication of information

One of the biggest advantages of the client web portal is to allow direct communication of information between the laboratory, the client and especially the patient. Avoiding calls to know the availability of the report, here is all the stake to use the portal and the direct communication by email to the patient.

Indeed, when the results are made available, an email or SMS is sent to the patient to inform the patient of the availability of the report.

The patient can connect directly to the web portal thanks to his token received at the time of sample collection and job sending.

The patient can also help save time!

Accelerating diagnostic COVID testing, customers self-service, managing laboratory data, automating laboratory workflows, and following regulatory compliance, all these are possible thanks to LabCollector COVID-LSM Pack and LSMRemote, a secure web portal. This solution manages the complete COVID-19 testing workflow, from sample registration, sample collection- through data and results reporting. The patient can now become a link in the testing chain and proactively participate in saving time.

Filling in information on an online form takes no more than 5 minutes but saves a lot of time for the medical staff and the testing laboratory.

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