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Unleash the power of scientific posters with LabCollector and Mind the Graph

Any researcher knows how time-consuming and difficult it can be to present their work in the best possible way. This is applicable for multiple cases. Specially, when you have to create a creative but clear diagram, graphics, results for meetings, seminars, poster sessions, etc.

Moreover, sometimes it is necessary to create infographics or presentations, but having to manage the design, creativity, and assembly of the elements, can quickly become complicated.

To make this task more enjoyable and time-saving for all scientists, students, teachers, or even lab managers, LabCollector LIMS has partnered with Mind the Graph. By integrating their platform directly into LabCollector, all LabCollector Electronic Lab Notebook users can access this tool quickly and create communication tools easily.

To take it a step further, Mind the Graph has developed a new tool called “Like Magic” Poster Maker to take poster creation to a whole new level! As a LabCollector user, you can now use this new tool directly from ELN.

Mind the Graph


Mind the Graph is an online platform that helps you create professional-quality images with incredible illustrations for scientists.

Mind the Graph infographics allow researchers to deliver powerful messages in posters, papers, presentations. Integrated with LabCollector ELN, this tool ensures greater visibility of research.

Mind the Graph offers exclusive high-level scientific content with over 40,000 scientific illustrations.

Above all, they offer a custom illustration creation service!

Ready-to-use templates are available, which can be customized with colors, text, size, etc. making your ideas more fruitful and time saving.

Mind the Graph and LabCollector LIMS

LabCollector Electronic Lab Notebook & Poster Maker “Like Magic”

LabCollector ELN is a full-fledged solution (LabCollector + ELN add-on), allowing scientists to take advantage of modules for managing samples, reagents and supplies, equipment, etc. with the addition of the Electronic Lab Notebook add-on. This powerful add-on allows to document, share and classify the experiments performed in a secure way. Read more here.

The Poster Maker is a new tool created by the Mind the Graph team to help scientists create beautiful scientific posters effortlessly.

1. How it works?

The tool is designed to retrieve information directly from a published article and create the right layout for the poster based on the article’s content.

It is quick and easy to use in few simple steps!

  1. Download the PDF of the article or fill in the link.
  2. The tool reads the entire article and fills in all the fields. Changes can be made where ever necessary.
  3. Change the order of the parts, add personal images or images from the Mind the Graph library.
  4. Your work is done! The poster is ready as if by magic!

For more information on how “Like Magic” Poster Maker works, visit the Mind the Graph website or watch the video now!

2. Integration in ELN

If you are using LabCollector ELN, you can access the Poster Maker platform directly from the ELN add-on!

In fact, fully integrated with LabCollector LIMS, you can manage and create your designs without ever having to leave LabCollector, where all your data and information is stored.

LabCollector ELN and Mind the Graph integrationLabCollector ELN and Mind the Graph platform

The Mind the Graph platform is displayed directly after clicking on the icon in the Content field.
The basic tool is free but subscriptions are available to meet everyone’s needs.

Read our Knowledge Base page to learn more.

Your scientific creations ready within minutes!

Take your research to another level!

In a word, simplify the creation of infographics, posters, or scientific presentations with Mind the Graph while managing your research content efficiently with LabCollector Electronic Lab Notebook!

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